Applied Capital Group - "Solving The Puzzle Of Your Financing Challenges"
We provide business and corporate credit for established and startup companies. So it does not matter if you have been in business for 20 years or one week, we have ways to assist you in obtaining funding. 
We have financing for construction companies to start or complete their projects or even assist them by lending against their construction
Applied Capital Group has access to funding for any and all types of commercial projects. We can assist you with a multi unit apartment building, a hotel, a church, self storage and many other types of project financing.  The project can be acquistion, construction or refinance.
We have monies for companies that need short term capital by factoring their invoices for products and goods they have already sold or we can assist you to capture funding on your purchase orders even before you have completed your contract. 
Additionally, the team at Applied Capital Group has over twenty  years of expertise in financing projects for residential investors. Whether it is a single family residence or a multi unit building, we know how to get it done.
We also have experience with venture capital financing.
When you are really serious about taking that next step let us show you how to put all the right pieces in place!